History & Where We Came From

This squad, or at least the name of this squad, came from a game called Delta Force 1. Delta Force was created by a company called Novalogic back in 1998. It was an open mapped shooter that emphasized strategy. The game was well balanced with its small load out options; which allowed for great squad versus squad competitions. Futile Resistance came about in the early 2000's. They were primarily a Capture the Flag team, but played all gametypes.

As the person who brought the name back, I had no affiliation with the original team. I did, however, play with some of their leaders (Ezekiel & TinMan) in a squad called United Nations Peace Keepers. They were under aliases at the time. We had a great amount of fun playing lots of CTF.

Anyways, I had always admired the name Futile Resistance. Thought it would be great to bring that name back.

What We Are About Now

With our reemergence, I wanted to make this squad into a multi-game casual-ish team of mature individuals. We will play friendly matches with other squads and casually play in public games together. We have a no cheat policy. The most important thing is to have FUN. We are playing video games after all.

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