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FR Dookie

Post by Dookie » Sun Mar 10, 2019 3:31 am

I was Dookie. I chose the name because my nephew played DF1 also and I thought it would be funny when the game showed Maximus killed by Dookie. I played DF1 a lot because I was in the US Navy and hated it so I needed a way to get away from it all.

Some of the other members of FR were:
Apache Girl

The name Futile Resistance came from Tonka. He started the team with a friend of his, can't remember his friends name right now. I was one of the early members of FR. I had been on a team called Elite Terminators for a short time but I got kicked off the team because I went into a map and owned the second in charge of ET. He got pissed and had me kicked off the team. Hehe... They never played the stock maps so they didn't know them as well as I did.

Tinman and Ezekiel somehow took over the team from Tonka. I don't know how all that went down and then I believe that Tinman and Ezekiel had a one on one deathmatch and the winner got control of the team and Ezekiel won.

Ezekiel was good at strategy. He came up with all of our strategies for every capture the flag map. It wasn't just about flags, it was also about time. You had to have the most chances at a flag for the most success. We lost some good guys, like Goldrunner, simply because Ezekiel wouldn't let him play in match's.

We were probably the second best, or tied for the second best CTF team in DF1 for a good while. There was a team that we just couldn't ever beat though, I can't remember their name right now and there was another team we played and we would win about half the time.

We were all really good and a lot of our guys were accused of cheating but I never once saw any of our guys cheat. I would not have been okay with that.
Mark I used to know kind of well but I lost touch with him after the game died out.

I don't play any online games anymore.

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Re: FR Dookie

Post by blk magic » Sun Jun 09, 2019 4:25 am

Thanks for all the information Dookie.

I will add the names to the Retired/Inactive and add some info to the About Us.

I really enjoyed the squad name and couldn't find any old FR contacts to ask for permission..for obvious reasons.

And as you can see, I haven't officially started this squad/team yet anyway.

Shame you don't play anymore. DF is basically dead and THQ/Nordic is holding onto the franchise waiting for some developer to make a DF game. So I am debating where to start the team. CSGO was my first option - just havent had time to get anything rolling.

Thanks again.

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